Long Range Heavy-load PTZ Thermal Camera JVS-DL64-Z33

Long Range Heavy-load PTZ Thermal Camera JVS-DL64-Z33

Long Range Heavy-load PTZ Thermal Camera JVS-DL64-Z33


Model JVS-DL64-Z33
Thermal Imaging
Detector 6th Gen Uncooled focal Plane Array VOx Detector
Detector Array 640 x 512
Field of View 21.7°x17.5°
Wavelength 8 ~ 14μm
NETD 40mK (@25°C F1.0)
Lens 20mm Thermal Lens
Detection Distance 2400m to the car, 1020m to the person.The detection distance fire source can reach 1420m (@2X2m)
Recognition Distance 710m to the car, 280m to the person
Image Enhancement:

SDE digital image enhancement technology, improve the details of the image,

Support 255-level thermal image enhancement adjustment

Pseudo-color Polarity 16 Pseudo-color images, Hot black/ Hot white two polarities
Image Parameters AGC automatic gain control, brightness, contrast adjustment
Digital Zoom

1.0~8.0x continuous zoom (Step size 0.1), support optical electronic relay zoom

,support global eagle eye diagram

Ranging Ruler Support
Dead Pixel Correction Support
Image Correction

Support manual correction, background correction, automatic correction time interval

,adjustable Gamma correction parameters

Bright Light Protection: Supports sun damage
Non-uniformity Correction Auto/Manual
Visible Imaging
Sensor Type Back-illuminated ultra-low illumination starlight CMOS
Minimum Illumination Color: 0.0005Lux;Black & White: 0.0001Lux; 0Lux (IRON)
Lens 5.5 ~ 180mm 33x optical zoom, 16x digital zoom
Image Processing

Supports White balance, Electronic shutter, Frame accumulation, BLC, HLC, 2D/3D DNR,

Electronic image stabilization, WDR, Heat wave drift suppression

Day and Night

0.4 ~ 0.75μm visible light wide spectral window and 0.8 ~ 0.95μm near-infrared spectral window

.Day and night independent double clear light window, 

improve the signal-to-noise ratio of imaging light and stray light

Defog Support digital defog
Laser Light Source
Laser Type New infrared high-definition flood homogenization light source, no speckle particles
Irradiation Distance             300 meters
Illumination Angle 3° ~ 65° follow-up switch


Audio & Video
Thermal Image Resolution

1920x1080; 1280x1024; 1280x960; 1024x768; 1280x720; 704x576; 640x512;

640x480; 400x300; 384x288; 352x240

Visible Light Resolution

2592x1520; 2560x1440; 1920x1080; 1280x1024; 1280x960; 1024x768; 1280x720

704x576; 640x512; 640x480; 352x288; 352x240Support optional 2592×1520; 2560×1440

Video Encoding H.265/H.264/MJPEG, Support multi-stream
Video Bitrate 32Kbps ~ 16Mbps
Audio Codec G.711A / G.711U/ G726
Image Flip Left/ Right/ Up/ Down/ Diagonal
OSD Settings

Support OSD display settings of channel name, time, PTZ orientation, field of view angle,

focal length, and support preset name setting.

Temperature Measurement
Measurement Range -20°C ~ 120°, -20°C ~ + 550°
Measurement Error ±2°C (±2% of Range Optional)
Measurement Method

Full screen temperature information return, point, line, surface, irregular area,

16 simultaneous detections

Accuracy Correction

Support temperature measurement parameter correction settings, including temperature correction,

emissivity, atmospheric transmittance, humidity

Over Temperature Alarm

Sound and light alarm when alarming, reserved switch alarm output,

manual/automatic linkage of fire extinguishing system and broadcasting system

Alarm Log

Record the temperature data of each object in real time, automatically generate change trend curve,

automatically store temperature data, image snapshot and video when an alarm is triggered, 

create and record related logs, real-time video storage and playback (with KV1000 software, support optional)

Smart Function
Fire Detection Alarm

Threshold 255, target size, target number 1-16 can be set,

 automatically select the most prominent target display, hot spot tracking

Intelligent Analysis

Support Intrusion detection, Cross-border detection, Entry/exit area detection, Motion detection,

Loitering detection, People gathering, Fast movement, Target tracking, Item leftover, 

Item retrieval.Human/Vehicle target detection, Face detection and supports 16 regional settings.

Supports intrusion detection, human and vehicle screening and filtering functions.

Supports target temperature screening and filtering functions

Automatic Tracking Support single scene tracking / Multi scene tracking / Panorama tracking / Alarm linkage tracking
Intelligent Information Fusion

Support 512 AR intelligent information fusion, Support fire point,

Intelligent analysis video identification information function, Support azimuth angle, 

Field angle, Focal length, Multiple information fusion

Image Fusion Support 18 dual-light fusion modes, Support picture-in-picture function
ROI Support, up to 8 ROI regions can be set, and the image quality can be adjusted
Privacy Masking

Mosaic privacy masking and solid color privacy masking are supported,

16 preset positions plus 1 default scene can be set, 

and up to 8 masking areas can be set under each preset position

Alarm Management Support alarm snapshot upload
Ranging Support passive ranging; support optional laser ranging
Storage Support optional SD Card
Sound & Light Alarm The device integrates tweeter + strobe light, supports custom alarm sound.
Camera Diagnostic

Support network disconnection alarm, support IP conflict alarm,

support illegal access alarm (the number of illegal accesses, lock time can be set), 

support SD card abnormal alarm (insufficient SD space, SD card error, no SD card), 

video blocking Alarm, anti-sun damage (support threshold, blocking time can be set)

Full Life Management

Health index recording function, supports working time, shutter times, 

working temperature, extreme temperature, etc.; 

The cumulative time of the zoom lens and the various motors of the mount, etc.

Disconnection Resume Support
Power-off Memory

Support to restore the position before power-off, preset position status,

 cruise status, line scan status

Remote Maintenance With fault query, self-check, remote restart functions; online upgrade, remote upgrade
Key Frame Settings Support key frame interval 100-level adjustable
Configuration File Support configuration file import and export functions
Other Alarm Support alarm linkage firefighting device
Web Access Support WEB full-featured configuration, remote online upgrade
Range Pan 0°~360°, Tilt -90° ~ +90°
Rotational Speed

Horizontal 0.01°/Sec ~ 100°/Sec, Vertical 0.01°/S ~ 80°/Sec,

Support lens focal length speed adaptive function

Structural Material

Quasi-spherical design of micro-turntable, integrated 5-window multi-channel,

precision casting high-strength aluminum alloy material

Window Glass High-efficiency anti-reflection optical glass for infrared/ visible light, clean film coating
Surface Spraying PTA three-proof coating, anti-corrosion
Wipers Support intelligent automatic wipers
Defrost Visible light window defrosts
Preset Cruise 3000 presets, support 16 cruise routes, each can support 256 presets

Preset position/pattern scan/cruise scan/vertical scan/frame scan/panorama scan

/apple peel scan/horizontal fan scan line scan

Zoom Support 3D frame selection zoom

Support (Can restore the position before power-off, preset position status,

cruise status, line scan status)

Orientation Support angle query/real-time return, positioning; support lens field of view return and positioning
Zero-point Correction Support the north zero-point remote correction function
Security Control
Illegal Access Alarm Support illegal access times and lock time can be set
3 Level User Rights               Support three-level user rights management, administrator, operator, common user
Security mode Authorized username and password, support IP whitelist and blacklist, MAC whitelist and blacklist
Interface 1x RJ 45, 10/100 Base-T adaptive



Development Easy to use SDK available
Optical Network Optional built-in optical fiber module, Single-mode optical fiber output, Improve anti-interference
Power Supply DC9~36V, External AC220V or battery power adapter
Power Consumption Rated power consumption: ≤40W; Peak power consumption: ≤60W
Working Temperature -40°C ~ +60°C
Humidity <95%Rh
Lightning Protection         Anti-surge 6KV, anti-static 8KV contact/15KV air
Anti-salt Spray PH value of 6.5 to 7.2, continuous spraying for 96 hours
Ingress Protection IP67
Size (LxWxH) 312mm×200mm×296mm
Weight ≤10Kg
Installation front mount / side mount / wall mount / hoisting / vehicle / tripod

* The operating distance and temperature measurement accuracy are related to factors such as atmospheric transmittance, environmental background complexity, target emissivity, environmental temperature and humidity, and temperature calibration. Please contact us according to the actual situation.





Formal and Side Mounted











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